Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Memento Mori. Muriel Spark (2)

New York: Time Incorporated
1958 (1964)

Ideas and Quotes to Discuss
"I've quite decided to be cremated when my time comes. Cleanest way. Dead bodies under the ground only contaminate our water supplies."

"There is a time for loyalty and a time when loyalty comes to an end."

"If you look for one thing...you frequently find another."

"He [Godfrey] was all the more disturbed by Charmian's increasing composure. It was not that he wished his wife any harm, but his spirits always seemed to wither in proportion as hers bloomed."

Godfrey: "...having made the mistake of regarding Charmian's every success as his failure."

"The ward lay till morning, still and soundless, breathing like one body instead of eleven."

"I would be glad to be let die in peace. But the doctors would be horrified to hear me say it. They are so proud of their new drugs and new methods of treatment--there is always something new. I sometimes fear, at the present rate of discovery, I shall never die."

"As we get older these affairs of the bladder and kidneys do become so important to us."

"If the book does nothing else, it demonstrates how hard it is to approach tranquility at the end of a long life marked by the deceits, subterfuges and willful departures from ordinary decency that plague all men at all times."

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